Our Facility

Located in Malabago, Calasiao, our clinic is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesdays through Sundays, with emergency service hours from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. House calls can be made by appointment.

At the clinic, we engage all the five senses and aim to make each visit a positive experience for both your pet and you:

  • Sight: We have plants and plenty of greenery within the clinic so that the interior is not too scary for your pet.
  • Smell: We only use pet-friendly fragrances that have been checked and approved by our inhouse canine essential oil specialist/aromatherapist.
  • Hearing: We play calming music throughout the day.
  • Taste: Treats are available for nervous pets.
  • Touch: We employ handling techniques that are least stressful.

We ensure that each visit does not break the bank: various treatment options that fit the needs of the pet are always offered to pet owners. We believe in being upfront with both the condition of the pet and the budget each treatment option will require. 

Chill Protocol

Some dogs and cats are often fearful of other people and places which can make it difficult for you to bring them to us. Inquire about our Chill Protocol: a Zippet-specific method that can help lessen their stress.


Get directions to Zippet Animal Center

You'll know it's us when you see two coconut trees 🌴🌴 in front of our building. We have ample parking space and a cozy reception area indoors where you and your pet can wait for your turn.

Outside, enjoy refreshments from our café: try our Crema Dulce De Chocolate and our Chilled Milk for your pet.