Clinic Policies

We adhere to the following policies so that we can provide the best service for you, our clients, and your pets.

Please take a moment to review the information below so that your visit can be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Veterinarian's Code of Ethics

Our veterinarian has taken the Veterinarian's Oath and abides by the principles of the Code of Ethics of the PVMA.


All animals must be in a cage/carrier or on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area or exam room. 

If your pet is coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or showing signs of a possible infectious disease, please stay outside and we will come to you.

Do not approach any client or patient without their permission and please do not leave your things and/or children unattended.

We have zero tolerance for any verbal or physical abuse towards any staff, clients, or animals. If this happens, you will be asked to leave the premises.


We do not perform medically unnecessary veterinary elective and non-therapeutic surgeries such as tail docking, dew claw removal, ear cropping, debarking, and declawing.


Euthanasia is ultimately performed at the discretion of the veterinarian as circumstances require. It is an important and necessary procedure meant for the purpose of preventing unnecessary suffering when animals are terminally ill or injured.

Euthanasia can be considered when an animal:

  • is terminally ill and can no longer be satisfactorily palliated or managed.
  • is so severely injured or ill that its prognosis for recovery with reasonably and commonly available treatment is very poor or hopeless.
  • has a condition that can no longer be managed by reasonably and commonly available treatment.
  • has a severe aggression problem, and an appropriate treatment attempt has been made unsuccessfully.

Euthanasia is not appropriate and will not be provided when:

  • an animal is minimally ill or injured, and no reasonable attempt at diagnosis or treatment has been made.
  • the pet is unwanted, for the convenience of the owner, perceived old age, etc.

Social Media

You give consent to your pets’ likeness (photo or video) being used for our marketing purposes including use on our website, social media accounts, or another online forum.

Posting of clinic, veterinarian, client, patient, or case information on social media platforms with malicious intent is forbidden. Violations of data privacy will be dealt with according to Republic Act No. 10173.


By becoming our client, you authorize us to contact you at the address/email/number you provided. It is your responsibility to update us with new contact information.

Fees & Charges

Fees and Charges are computed based on the severity & complexity of your pet's condition and the materials & medications needed. Estimates will be discussed before treatment is authorized. Should medical conditions change during treatment, we will keep you informed of possible changes to the estimate. Full payment is expected at the time of service. Emergency fees will only be applied if your pet is brought in after operating hours.

Pet Abandonment

Cases of pet abandonment will be subject to Republic Act No. 10631.