Online Class: Pet Food Nutrition (Evaluation & Supplementation)

Online Class: Pet Food Nutrition (Evaluation & Supplementation)

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Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Inclusions: copy of the presentation, body condition chart

What you'll learn:

  • understanding pet food labels
  • evaluating the current diet/pet food's ingredients, carbohydrate content, etc.
  • supplementing the current diet/pet food

Prerequisite: Pet Food Nutrition (Basics)


  1. SCHEDULE: Choose your schedule on the next tab and fill out the short questionnaire with your pet's details. After booking, you'll receive an email from "" with a Google Meet link, which you'll use to join the call.
  2. PAY. Once you have chosen your schedule, click ADD TO CART and check out. Please settle the corresponding fee prior to your appointment.
  3. JOIN. Be in the call at least 5 minutes before your appointment time to test your connection and avoid any technical issues.

Please CHOOSE A SCHEDULE BEFORE PAYING to secure your slot.

RESCHEDULING: Should you decide to reschedule your class, please choose a LATER time slot.

CANCELLATION: No refunds will be provided for cancelled appointments.

NOTE: Participants in a group workshop (upon request) will be charged individually.