5 Ways to Become an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Here are 5 simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint as a pet owner.

  1. Make your own pet toys. Repurpose household items like old clothes into dog tug toys or reuse old boxes to make a cat fort. The possibilities are endless! Always make sure that playtime is supervised.
  2. Consider buying reusable supplies and eco-friendly products. Nowadays, there are many reusable pet goods including washable nappies and wee pads. A single washable nappy or reusable wee pad can keep plastic out of the landfill and save you money, too. Eco-friendly cat litter and biodegradable poop bags are also a good starting point.
  3. Buy in bulk when you can. Cut down on trips to the store or shipping fees when you purchase bigger bags of pet food.
  4. Consider preparing your pet's food at home. Aside from knowing what nutrients your pet is getting, you're also taking away unnecessary preservatives and fillers!
  5. Spay/neuter your pet. Lessen your pet's environmental impact by preventing unwanted pregnancies and overpopulation. A quick trip to the vet will do the trick.